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We offer solutions

Mc Hard

Mc Hard, your Technological Partner

We offer solutions

We are the informatic team you need, the solution to any informatic need for your company.

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Professional informatic services, always by your side. Services tailored to the needs of each company, because our clients change and we change with them.


Servers, computers, networks, systems administration, etc... We are dedicated to being your help and solution.

Management Software

The programs have been designed to manage multiple companies in the accounting, tax and labor fields, ideal for agencies, consultancies and administrations.

Informatic and Technological Expertise

Processing, management and preparation of all types of expert services: expert opinions, opinions and judicial expert reports.


Data Protection Law, we advise our clients for the correct compliance with it and in the law of prevention of money laundering.

Web Design

We shape your business, web design, internet services (SEO web positioning, social networks), hosting and domains.

We work with the best hardware, software and service providers:

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