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About us

We are the solution to any informatic need of your company. Mc Hard, your Technological Partner.

Mc Hard we are a company of informatic technical services, we carry out the computer maintenance of our clients, to whom we give telephone support, via remote connection and if necessary, at the client's home. 99% of our clients are companies, ranging from a PC (autonomous) to networks of 60 PCs, or companies with different branches, all interconnected via VPN with their respective servers, etc.

We carry out all possible informatic tasks, from assembly, equipment installation, network cabling, racks, servers, server administration, antivirus, backup copies, remote connections, VPN's, firewalls, radio frequency, etc.

When you have to go to the client's company, we have company vehicles to move around and load material if necessary.

Extensive experience in the field of Consulting, Administration, Law Offices and Notaries.

Therefore, with a great knowledge in applications such as: Informàtica3, Microlab, A3 Software, Infolex, Grupo Sp, Logic Control, Adisa, Ofimática,...

We have qualified professionals in the area of IT support to companies, with knowledge of their problems capable of providing concrete solutions.

Mc Hard (Barcelona) - C/ Valldemossa, 34 - Barcelona 08016 - Telf. 622 04 18 85 - 93 265 77 07 - Email: comercial@mchard.es

Customer Service - Business hours: 8.00 h. a 14.00 h. y 15.00 h. a 18.00 h. - Monday to Friday

We work with the best hardware, software and service providers:

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